Life is a journey and only you hold the map

Where do you want to go?  Let's begin our adventure!

We are dedicated to sharing your message and reaching your audience. 

We dive deeply into the core of your business, find your passions and create an authentic and meaningful comprehensive digital communications design that attracts your ideal audience. 

Through mining your connection to your clients we find an emotional connection that ultimately leads us to your ideal audience.  

Our menu of services will delight you! From graphic design to the perfect pitch deck we are a full-service digital communications design firm perched on the leading edge of designer marketing.
  • ELEVATING YOUR BRAND: We are about making strategic choices and using your core values to shape a positive customer experience and create engagement through connection
  • CO-CREATION: Ever feel like you're creating in a vacuum? When you choose to work with us it's a co-creative process. We help to kickstart your creativity. Think of us as a co-creative partner - a second set of eyes that can offer a brand new perspective often leading to holistic views and diverse insights. 
  • EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION: We work with you and dive deeply into your vision using internet-based technology to strategically coordinate tasks and communicate in the workplace

Where do you want to go is a great question. How to get there might be a better one.

When you schedule a consultation with me we will walk together down the path of your idea. Since we are a full-service digital communications firm with an al a carte style menu of services you can choose the elements that you would most like to focus on.

Prior to our meeting I will be sending you a quesionnaire that will allow you to communicate with me in a way that is productive and moves the conversation forward - a true collaboration. From there we will begin the design process. 

We can begin anywhere! It really depends on where you want to focus, what your goals are and your budget. At Buy Jennifer we can get you where you want to be.

Our designer marketing firm's client list

Infinite Possibilities

Build a strong online presence and connect authentically with your audience. 


A fully loaded E-Comm site complete with content generation, Photographs, Graphic Design, On-page SEO, Monthly Analytic Reports, Social Media & More.....

By Appointment

Dedicated to streamlining your established practice with an eye toward generating new clients this option is great for salons, handy-workers, or any endeavor that needs a robust appointment generating/follow-up scheme

Calling Card

A virtual Calling Card, a one-page website designed to clearly communicate your message in an easy to digest, one-page format great for smaller ventures or increased visibility through online presence


The possibilities are endless. Together, let's find what works for you and optimize your online presence - expertly creating a convergence of cross-platform media


Our Menu - in detail

Using your graphics and message we create a website that is easily navigable, clear in its message and visually pleasing. We can use the graphics and copy that you provide or we can create and write that for you. Our website includes on-page SEO - a must in today's competitive market - and useful metrics communicated to you monthly.
Graphics are the key to creating a recognizable and solid brand. Your company strategy &  mission statement become a visual message to your audience and raise your profile.
A well-designed logo is essential. It  tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and how that can benefit them. It is THE communication tool to use to say who you are to an audience that hasn't met you yet. It's the gateway through which most will come to recognize you and your company. 
We are equipped with light kits and accessories in order to create those trendy assets you're looking for. Let us know your shoot goals and shot list and we will use that to create dreamy content that's stylish and chic.
With flair and flourish or plain and simple our copywriters are some of the best around. We design our copywriting to fit your voice and style. We create prose that communicates clearly and powerfully to your audience.
For all your printing needs from book binding to calling cards, mailers and flyers - we partner with great printers to get you the best deal. All your print media will compliment your brand and be another source of recognition and communication.
These days a Pitch Deck is an integral part of your marketing design. We create Pitch Decks (aka Slide Deck aka PowerPoint) that succinctly and clearly tells your audience exactly what they need to know in order to get the result you're after.

Jennifer Collins, Owner & Founder

Designer Marketing at is a full-service communications firm. 

Over the years, Jennifer has honed her skills as a graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, and web designer. All of the work you see on her websites is her own including her copy and photos, design elements - each aspect carefully crafted and tended.

Jennifer has spent many years learning, studying and growing her online small business. She is offering her considerable talents and abilities to other small businesses who need digital communication services.

Are you searching for someone to guide you into your new small business digital presence and create your branding and digital marketing? Maybe you've been in the game for awhile and your website needs a little refresh? We can do that.

Jennifer has spent 18 years defining her brand and developing her skills both as a maker and as an expert in digital communication.

We are dedicated to sharing your message and reaching your audience. 

 We dive deeply into the core of your business, find your passions and create an authentic and meaningful Digital Communications Portfolio that attracts your ideal audience. 

Let’s grow your brand  and make an impact.